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2Speeds 304Stainless Steel Electric Chopper Meat Grinder Mincer Food Processor Slicer Vegetable food chopper meat slicer machine


High-quality 304 stainless steel household electric meat grinder, 2L capacity can meet the daily needs of the family, with two adjustable speeds, 200W high power, efficient work, and easy to handle all kinds of food that needs to be ground.
Product parameters:
1. Body material: stainless steel
2. Capacity: 2L
3. Power: 200W
4. Rated voltage: 220V
5. Rated frequency: 50HZ
6. Number of blades: four-leaf cutter head
7. Gear position: fast gear, slow gear
8. Body height: 25cm Body width: 20.2cm
9. Product structure: stainless steel bowl + four-leaf cutter head + bowl cover + machine head with plug
10. Power supply mode: plug charging
11. Packing list: 1*meat grinder, 1*English manual
1. One-key operation, double speed and slow speed, adjust the speed freely, for different soft and hard ingredients, adopt two different speeds, fast and slow, suitable for tougher ingredients such as meat, high-speed mincing, excellent effect , Slow gear, suitable for softer ingredients, such as vegetables, minced at low speed to fully retain the nutrients of the ingredients
2. 200W high-power operation, high-quality 304 stainless steel shaft blades, upper and lower blades, use force to flip the food, evenly chop the food to be ground
3. The body is made of high-quality stainless steel, except for the head, the parts are detachable, the shaft is smooth, not easy to stick to food, safe and secure, easy to clean
Uses: Grind meat, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seasonings, food supplements and other food materials
Product note:
1. It is normal to have a peculiar smell when used for the first time, and it disappears after two or three grindings
2 If the machine does not work, or the vibration is too large, or the noise is loud during work, it means that the feed is too much, or the machine is improperly installed, please make sure that the machine is installed correctly, and the ingredients in the machine should not exceed 1 kg. The stainless steel body The upper limit of meat is engraved on the surface, please do not exceed the upper limit
3. The machine can only work if the base of the machine head is correctly installed and tightly installed on the bowl cover

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